Elevation 825 ft.
6.0 mph at 12:35 PM
Light breeze [F2]
15 °
12.0 mph at 1:34 PM
24 °
36.6 miles
High Wind Speed
High Wind Speed Description
Dominant Wind Direction
Dominant Wind Bearing
High Wind Gust
High Wind Gust Bearing
Wind Run
High Wind Speed
High Wind Gust
High Daily Wind Run
This Month
7.0 mph
17.0 mph
67.9 miles
at 3:11 PM on 01 July
at 6:05 PM on 11 July
on 02 July
High Wind Speed
High Wind Gust
High Daily Wind Run
This Year
17.0 mph
31.0 mph
130.9 miles
at 12:15 PM on 15 March
at 6:06 PM on 30 June
on 18 April
High Wind Speed
High Wind Gust
High Daily Wind Run
27.0 mph
49.0 mph
278.8 miles
at 1:05 AM on 08 September 2020
at 1:13 PM on 09 February 2015
on 04 January 2017
Wind direction is reported by the direction from which it originates. For example, a northerly wind blows from the north to the south. Wind direction is usually reported in cardinal directions or in azimuth degrees. For example, a wind coming from the south is given as 180 degrees; one from the east is 90 degrees.
Wind Speed is based on a 10-minute average.
Wind Run is a measurement of how much wind has passed a given point in a period of time. A wind blowing at five miles per hour for an entire day (24 hours) would give a wind run of 120 miles for the day.
Calm [F0]
Light Air [F1]
Light Breeze [F2]
Gentle Breeze [F3]
Moderate Breeze  [F4]
Fresh Breeze [F5]
Strong Breeze [F6]
Near Gale [F7]
Gale [F8]
Strong Gale [F9]
Storm [F10]
Violent Storm [F11]
Hurricane [F12]
Beaufort Wind Scale
0 mph
1-3 mph
4-7 mph
8-12 mph
13-18 mph
19-24 mph
25-31 mph
32-38 mph
39-46 mph
47-54 mph
55-63 mph
64-72 mph
73 mph +
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